Feature Request - Visibility Management for Tag Folders

When you have let’s say 30 scenes and you add a tag, it adds that tag to all 30 scenes as a visible tag, even though you only want to have that tag visible in the scene you are working in.

To change it you have to go through every scene and turn the new tag off and update Scene which is very time-consuming if you have 30 scenes. I have been using a plugin called “ Auto Visible Layer On-Off” That allows you to change the default, so you only add the tag to the current scene leaving the rest of your scenes untouched.

This has worked great up until now with the addition of “Tag Folders”, when you add a Tag Folder, even with the Extension on it adds the new tag folder as visible on all scenes.

I love the new tag folder idea and has greatly helped keep tags organized and easier to find, but has made managing visibility worse which is the whole point of tagging things. On larger files where you would want greater control over the organization, the lack of visibility control over the folders makes the new tag folder feature unusable.

My suggestion would be in the tags window you would have the following layout.
The “+” button as you have it.
Then the “+ folder” as you have it
Then a box that you can toggle on or off to add the tag or folder to all scenes or just the active scene
Then the search box as you have it (or move it to the next line below)
This would make it infinitely easier to keep track of visibility with folders.



Hi Benham_Design,

I noticed this as well and also found it annoying. But I learned to embrace the annoyance once I figured out the the tags created in the tag folder are not visible in all scenes (using Auto Visible Layer On-Off, of course). A friend of mine explained his usage of the tag folders: just leave all the tag folders visible in every scene and manipulate your scenes using the tags themselves. It actually can help your workflow if your model is such that you want to turn tags on and off during your model/scene creation and modification. However, I agree that it should be an option and there should be no need for AVLO-O for tags themselves.

Regards, acarl720

That’s a good tip to leave the tag folders on and change the tag’s inside them.

The frustrating thing is as the file grows and I want to scan down my tags list to quickly find a tag that is on to turn off, it gets messy with the folders on to. It makes what use to be a quick scan and toggle into something cumbersome.

I hope they will implement this change, they built a cool tool but the current infrastructure doesn’t support it.

You can also nest the tag folders, which might help.