Sketchup Support tickets

Anyone else having problems filing Support tickets?
6 time yesterday, I filed a Support ticket using the proper web page
I get a response from a Support tech and, when I reply to their email, I get bounce-back telling me I can’t reply to their email.:
**This is an automated response to your email. Please note that you will need to contact us through this form at to receive a response. **

If you’re continuing to troubleshoot an issue with our support team, please REPLY to the last email we sent to you.

We appreciate your assistance.

The SketchUp Support Team

The problem is that I WAS replying to “the last email they sent”
I suspect the problem is that their systems is dumping the entire body of my ticket into the Subject line, and it’s losing the Reference number.
But I can’t convince anyone at Support that it’s a problem

But what was your problem?

Your profile indicates you are using SU2017 Pro. Is your Maintenance and Support paid up?

My original problem (regarding a crash) has nothing to do with what I’m asking here.
I haven’t gotten anywhere with the crashing problem because I can’t reply to Support’s emails.
I’ll deal with the crashing issue with Support if I can communicate with them.

I’m asking here if anyone else is having problems filing tickets. I’m not asking about crashing

Yes, we paid for maintenance and are in the process of upgrading to 2019.
I’m asking about not being able to reply to Support tickets.

I have a theory that their support system is including my entire ticket in the Subject line and the Reference number gets truncated.
A ticket from a year ago had this subject line:
Front Line Support - Installing [ ref:_00D4081l2._5004012vo3o:ref ]
Yesterday’s ticket(s) had this:
RE: This is my fourth ticket today about the same problem I got a reply from Riley once and once from Theon, but when I try to include more information, my reply is refused. I’ll try to get everything i{ Pro Sr# UA-00106484-ALW } [ ref:_00D4081l2._5001W1V

Note the the very last thing is a partial Reference number (bolded by me)

If it is the fourth ticket, there should be four ref numbers, but if it is about the same problem, you will have to give it some time, perhaps?
They are humans, after all.
But what is the problem? Many problems are being solved by the community…

I don’t mean to be snippy, and thanks for offering help, but: Are you understanding my question?
The only reason I had to file 4 tickets is because they DID answer me. They asked for more information, and when I replied to their email, I got a bounce-back which says
If you’re continuing to troubleshoot an issue with our support team, please REPLY to the last email we sent to you.
My problem is that I AM replying to their last email and their system won’t let me.
I’m not interested in discussing the crashing problem, which I AM getting response from Sketchup about.
As I have said three times now, I’m asking if other people are unable to reply to a Sketchup Support ticket. If you can’t answer that, thank you for your attempt at helping, but you’re offering help on something I don’t need help on

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues, I will look into that immediately. I have notified our ticketing system team and they should have this resolved soon. Sorry for all the confusion. You can send me a direct message through the forum and we can look into the issue further.

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As you have surmised the issue is indeed related to the partial reference number in the subject line. The reference number is used to associate the email replies to the appropriate cases. For some reason, the subject line in the replies is getting trimmed.

I have reduced the number of characters in the email subject and also added the references in the text body of the email which should help reduce such errors.


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