How to contact someone 'alive' at sketchup, to solve the issue with my licence?


Hi Guys, do you know how to contact support team , i am on subscription option and i know that i have access to phone support team, but what ever i am trying to call them it always the robocall. is there any way to contact a real person down there to get clear explanation of the problem.


The best method for reaching the support team is:
If you do have the support phone number (for paid customers only), please leave a voicemail. As you might imagine, we’re a little swamped right now so we’re doing our best to get back to everyone as fast as possible.


i have phone number which was in my email and left already two messages one on friday and another one today. i understand that you are swamped but where is guaranteed customer support though. i need to update my email but there is no option to do so, sales did it for me but it looks like did not fix my problem permanently perhaps something was missing.


My team is working through tickets as fast as they are able. I will check in to see if they have received your request. Can you PM me your email and I will look into it?


i am not sure how to pm my license number and details


Just click on Ty’a icon in the reply above yours, then click on the Message button.


ok just to make sure that it is PM, please confirm.


This one isn’t…

Did you check your spam folder, btw?


user interface is not clear here IMHO.


i think i pm already =)