Support ticket, no response

Any way to confirm Trimble received my request for support for Sketchup Pro?
Each time I’ve filled out a form, I click the SUBMIT button, and the screen simply clears, ready for me to fill out all over again. No email acknowlegement, nothing on the screen to indicate the message was sent successfully. Waiting 17 hours now for any kind of response.
How do I get actual help?

I gave it a try. Was confused for a moment because the page just reloaded with what I had typed in. Eventually I noticed I hadn’t selected my State. After that the page reloaded ready for a new issue to be send in, and in the upper left was the message “Case successfully submitted.”

If you saw that, it went through ok, and your message may not have been looked at by the end of Friday.

If your issue doesn’t involve personal details, you could say what is going wrong for you. There is a good chance someone in the forum will be able to help, while you wait to hear back from support on Monday.

Hi Colin,
I tried a second time and did get a confirmation that the case was submitted. I swear I got that confirmation the first time I entered the request. A third try on day 2 resulted in another confirmation on that screen, and I was contacted within a couple hours.
Thanks for the help!