Sketchup Stuck in geometry

I was working on a model, then all of a sudden it zoomed into some geometry and now wont come out. Ive tried resetting camera, zooming out. grouping and zooming out but nothing is working. It shows in outliner that all my components are still there so i dont think its deleted. Please help ):

This is all im seeing…

I have also tried grouping all the components in the outline and hiding and all i get it a grey screen.

Try zoom extents.

have tried all the camera tricks but its not working :confused:

Attach the model.

sorry for the size…its my bachelor degree capstone project, so got quite large

More detail here might help. All I can see of your model so far is intersecting lines.

There was ~1270 components and only ~550 being used so I purged the unused to reduce model size.

What backups do you have?

so confusing. it was a huuge model then aall of a sudden that happened and now it seems like theres nothing left of it.i tried to export to 3ds and re import to a new sketchup file and ya now all im getting is intersecting lines…
3 weeks of work :’(
no idea what happened
there was a backup file
but it seemed to autosave to it again just after it had happaned. so my auto save file is the same thing…

it was basically a large two storey building.

Can you add more detail about what you did during the zoom in event?

It is still 400 MB, lots of components seem to be there - so don’t delete anything yet.

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from what i remember, i added something from sketchup warehouse, and zoomed in to try to find it and then it froze and i ended up on that white screen

this is one from a few days ago
this is what its supposed to be. obviously with an extra 3 days of work on it

yeah thats what i thought to. It wouldnt be that big if there was nothing left of it. when i exported to 3ds it took like 20 minutes cuz there was so many components. ect. it seems like they are still in there

Can you link to the 3DW model - could have been far from the origin.

Is this what you expect to see?

yes!! thats exactly it!

link the 3ds?

how did you find it oh my gosh? my heart is pounding