Please help! Blank screen

Please could anyone help with a whiteout situation on SketchUp Pro 2019? The screen has gone completely blank and the zoom extent feature is not working. I have continually saved leading up to this point but cannot see either of the last two saved files. They both have a large file sized against them indicating that the files still exist…I just can not see them! If anyone can help to retrieve them I would be very grateful? Thank you in advance.

Very likely you have some entity at a huge distance from the rest of the model.

We might be able to if you upload the file. If the file size is too large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

Thank you so much for your advise, it does sound like like this may of happened. I will try to upload the file and send.
Here’s the document, hopefully you will be able to safe it, thank you in advance.

It’s downloading…

Fab, I’m keeping everything crossed…

Well, I found this.

I switched to the default Construction Documentation style and purged unused stuff from the model which got rid of this:
Screenshot - 7_16_2020 , 9_48_02 AM

It reduced the file size by more than 40%.

You can and should do the same thing in Window>Model Info>Statistics.

Then I set the camera to Iso and hit Zoom Extents.

Try that and see if you can see the model. If not I’ll upload this thing. It’s still huge and I expect bloated with overly detailed components so it’ll take a while for it to upload and you might get it faster working on your end.

Thank you so so so much, I am really grateful! Please could you send me your file and I will try my end to follow your instructions. I am out of the office now until Monday so may be back in touch next week but for now thank you!!