Unable to view model - white screen (zoom extents not working)

I have a problem here with my model, I saved it when it was working I clicked on “View>EdgeStyle>Edges” then it crashed… I opened up the model again and I can no longer see it. Can anybody help me? Thank you! Dropbox - File Deleted

It opened right up for me. You might try opening it from your ZIP file.

I noticed that you aren’t using layers correctly. You should study the Help article on Layers.

I only get this… restarted the computer, closed and reopened the file and everything.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile shows conflicting information.

I’m using the University’s 2018 Pro, I use at home the free web one.

This is what I get when trying to open my file again. This time opening it from SketchUp after it has started up…

Ok, I got complete whiteout like you, but I managed to get it to view it must be a computer power thing.

Open the model as it is, turn face style to monochrome and turn shadows off.
Goto window>model info and Purge unused.
Save the file and close SketchUp.
Re-open the file by double clicking the file.

That got it to view for me. (2018 pro)

Thank you! You solved my problem! :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. I didn’t have any trouble opening it and seeing the model in the first place and purging unused stuff didn’t get rid of much for me.


Dave, I sat for maybe 5 mins with shadows off and monochrome with nothing but white screen. So I did the purge, saved it and reopened and it popped right up, but runs slow still. I did that twice before I answered with the same result. I don’t know what else to say about that part.

What I think may be slowing the model up is all those faces and edges in the ceiling and maybe the walls too:

Maybe. I don’t think my computer or graphics card is especially beefy but it opened up right away. It does seem to be overly detailed considering the way it is modeled.

Please remember I’m only running integrated so I’m no powerhouse, it is strange and the most difficult one I’ve opened. I’ve opened much bigger easier before.

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The ceiling is definitely an issue for low powered systems, whenever I orbit it disappears into wireframe.

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