SketchUp blank screen when file is opened


I was adding a photo texture to a table when the whole screen turned white, except the toolbars and the title. I can right click and see the right click menu, but the screen is blank so I can’t see anything. I restarted Sketchup and tried again, and now every time I open the file the screen turns blank. I can open other files, but not the one that I was currently editing. Please help. I do not want to restart the whole project.


Maybe you are zoomed way out, so your model might be (less than) a single pixel.
Can you use ‘Zoom Extents’ and see what happens?
Otherwise please upload the model file.


I tried using ‘Zoom Extents’ and it did not work. The screen is completely white, and the axes do not show up either. The file is too big to upload here.


you could upload your model to 3D Warehouse and share the link to it here in your next post.


Okay, thanks. Here is the link:


switch to wireframe and you can see it still all there…



I changed the face style to ‘shaded with textures,’ and I got everything back. Thank you for your support.


I realized that I was inside one of the components, which caused the screen to be white. When I changed the face style to ‘wireframe’, I could see through the component, and I rotated the model. When I switched the face style back, I could see my model again. Thank you again.


Create a Scene - with camera position checked - to quickly restore a good vantage point.


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