SketchUp Sliding back to Homescreen

Hi Guys!
I downloaded SketchUp about a week ago on my MacBook Air 13’’ (early 2015) with OSX El Capitan 10.11.6, and whenever I use an editing tool, my computer “slides screens” from SketchUp to my home screen (you can manually do this by sliding 3 or 4 fingers from one side of the trackpad to the other). It gets really annoying after some failed tries to fix it by rebooting the system, and if I don’t make my lines, circles, polygons, arcs, or any other major editing tool fast, everything turns out failing and it becomes really hard to still work with SketchUp. I’d love if someone out there knows how to fix this bug, because it’s a real pain working with it.

Thanks from your SketchUp community member,


It’s Saturday, google “Limit apps to one space”, and get to know your Mac. :grinning:

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A forum search on “Mac desktop space”:

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