In OSX, the desk swaps alone

Hello everybody,
I am experiencing a very silly problem. When I am working on sketchup in full screen ( and only in full screen), and when I select a tool, OS X swaps screen ( or desk, I don’t know the name in english) automatically after one second. I think it is a ne bug since the update to sketch make 2016 ( and it was the same with ketchup pro 2016 trial period).
Any idea where it comes from?

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By screen/desk, do you mean window? Screen suggests a second monitor.

I use OSX and have never had your problem so I’m not sure it is to do with SU.

I think the correct word is desktop space. When you put an app in full screen it opens in a new space. My problem only occur with sketch up and when I select a tool ( and not all of them). Os X changes desktop space alone. I can go back to sketch up but then it changes again…

This has been discussed before - see for example SketchUp takes over every Space (Desktop) on Mac OS [resolved]
It is an issue with how SketchUp and Mac OS X handle multiple virtual desktops and/or real displays.

Thank you for the answer.
The solution to this topic was:

“Click and hold on the SketchUp icon in the Dock. Select Options on the menu. In the bottom part of the menu, “Assign To”, you will see that “All Desktops” is checked. This Options menu uses “Desktop” to mean what you called “space”. Choose either “None” to let SketchUp appear on whatever Desktop is active when you open it, or “This Desktop” to pin it to the current one.”

I have tried both " This desktop" and “None”. The problem is still there.

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It works after closing and launching sketch up again! Thanks!

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No it doesn’t, the same bug is back…

Perhaps you have Hot Corners enabled. Find them in Apple Menu/System Preferences/Desktop & Screen Saver/Screen Saver/Hot Corners. You can assign or disable actions that trigger when the cursor touches screen corners. Sometimes, with SketchUp toolbar on the left side of the screen, this can switch windows.