Mac OSx El Capitan Split Screen issue with Sketchup

In El Capitan’s Split View feature I’m finding that once set up with SU on one side and any other page open (web site with Safari in my case) the SU screen is unstable and jumps off the screen to reveal anything else that;s open. Sometimes it occurs when I hit a keyboard key and other times when I simply click on the screen with my Logitech roller ball mouse. Somewhat inconsistent what causes the jump, but it consistently occurs every time I set up the Split View

no immediate solution comes to mind, why do you want the Split View with SU?


It’s just convenient. I can easily adjust the individual screens to accommodate two pages. The reason to use it is that I draw lots of accessories and fixtures to fit within my SU drawings. Being able to look at a reference is handy. Mind you this isn’t a major issue just an irritant. thanks

I always have both open on different ‘Desktops/Spaces’ and Ctrl arrow between the two…


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elegant and simple thanks. It’s still a bug. Just sayin’

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Me too! Experienced Sketchup instructor, but new to Mac…the jumping screen is making me nuts! Knew I’d find at least a discussion here on this odd problem.

I"m still having the problem, even with two separate workspaces :frowning:

There appears to be a bug in SketchUp’s handling of Mac’s multiple document interface (MDI) that causes the view to jump to another desktop. This problem has been reported by several people when they have two models open simultaneously. The jump when on split screen sounds like the same basic issue in a slightly different situation. There are some workarounds that work some of the time, but I don’t know of any reliable fix.

I quickly reverted to a more reliable concept of assigning SU to a single window and set up hot corners to move between SU model windows…


Curious about this solution to multiple SU files open. Are you able to assign a specific SU file? this would be really helpful for my workflow. I often have several projects open to utilize options. I find I cannot tile the files in a manner to always see them regardless which is open. Love to hear a technique

if you mean mine…

I run SU in it’s own [non-fullscreen] window/space…

I uncheck ‘Cascade main windows’ in SU ‘Preferences’ >> ‘Workspace’…

I set up a top left hot corner in ‘System Preferences’ >> ‘Mission Control’ >> ‘Hotcorners’…

moving the mouse to the top left corner shows all my open models, click one to select it…


Excellent, simple and effective. Thanks
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