Bug with Full screen mode and tooltips in OSX

if you have your sketchup window set to full screen, after opening it in non-full screen mode and having rolled over a vertex with the move tool to display a tooltip, then, in full screen mode, when you do the same action (roll over a point using the move tool to show a tool tip) it will move back to your original screen/space/desktop.

There have been several reports of this sort of problem. See, for example this thread:

To stop that happening on my mac, I needed to assign SU:

go to the ‘dock’ SU icon while in ‘Full Screen’ mode
Right Click >> Options >> [Assign To] All Desktops

this assigns all of SU sub-windows to stay on the same page…

if you always use a 2nd Desktop, without ‘full screen mode’ then [Assign To] This Desktop

having SU set [Assign To] None and then manually moving it between desktops or FS seems to cause these jumps…



Hi John! When I right click SU icon the doc, I get only 3 options - ‘keep in doc, Open at login, Show in finder’… am i doing something wrong? thanks in advance.

If you have only a single display and have not created multiple virtual desktops (aka spaces), you won’t see the options John lists.

Wow! Thank you!! It worked :smile: