Sketchup Sign in Loop for staff?

I am having an issue where my instructor cannot sign in with Google thorugh app. Oddly enough, they can sign in with Microsoft, but that doesn’t give them access to the Google Drive.
Cleared cache and cookies, but that hasn’t helped. Students are able to sign in using Google without an issue. Are there any other suggestions anyone has?

Hi @Swolz thanks for the post. That issue is a new one for me. If you are sure that the app is deployed correctly and you have already cleared the cache and cookies then we might have a bug to chase down. I’ll ping a few folks and see if anyone has had that issue in the past that I just have not heard about before.

I am guessing that it just looks like a regular sign in screen but if you could include a screenshot that might have some additional info I can grab as I report this to the rest of the team.

Sure thing! I went ahead and made a quick screen recording of our “demo” student signing in through Google (orange background) and then me attempting to log in with Google (gray background). You can see I cannot get in with Google, but am able to get in with Microsoft. I did delete and reinstall the app at the root level a few weeks back, so our students could get in, and so I believe that should cover staff as well, but if there’s a guide, I’ll be glad to go back through it.
Link to Loom ScreenRecording

Hi Casey, I am running into the same login loop issue. I’ve talked to my district helpdesk and they can’t seem to see why we are having the issue. Any news on why this is happening?

Hi @njw1012, thanks for the post. The most likely cause of this is a bad deployment on the domain. Can you confirm that all the steps were followed on a super admin account on the domain as they deployed the app?

Did you go through the links in the screen shot below? Some useful suggestions that might fix your issue.