Sign in looping

I am unable to sign in. I am stuck in a loop.

Hi @meddaugh, thanks for the post and sorry to hear you are having difficulty getting logged in. I would love to be able to assist you but I’ll need some additinal information to start troubleshooting things. Can you start off by sharing if you are using the Google or Microsoft version of our app? Knowing what version you are running will help me to test a few things on our end. Additionally, can you share your domain with us so we can make sure that is not the cause of the issue?

I attempted to use both versions.
Our domain is

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for the info meddaugh! I’ll make sure you are in our database of approved domains and will link you to the videos that cover how to deploy the app, just so you can make sure you are not skipping any steps as you deploy the app. Once you have confirmed that you ran through all the steps correctly, we can start troubleshooting additional steps.

It is working now. Thank you!