Sketchup shortcuts always related to QWERTY keyboard mapping

Good evening to the Sketchup community,
I am working with Sketchup online with Firefox 118.0.1 (64 bits). My french keyboard (AZERTY) is well recognized for all functions except shortcuts, for which a QWERTY keyboard mapping is applied …
Could you please help me to correct this ?
Thank you for your help

This is in the free web version of SketchUp?

Hello DaveR,
Yes, it is

I can’t find a bug report about this, but I see the problem was reported in the forum a few years ago:

It still seems to be the case, typing an A on an AZERTY keyboard gives you the Rotate tool.

Hello Colin,
Thank you very much for your research and answer. Indeed it is exactly the same issue that you pointed. So that if I press “,” I get the “M” shortcut effect (QWERTY mapping). And I confirm that the issue is only in Firefox. I don’t encounter the same issue in Edge for instance…
I am desapointed to notice that the post of Gilhem on May 2020 was closed but not solved …
Does anyone have an idea to solve this (or I will just have to use EDge as browser just for that use…)

Have you tried Chrome? I understand that currently Edge uses the Chrome engine under the hood.

I didn’t yet try Windows, but on Mac the problem happens in Safari and Chrome as well.

This forum isn’t SketchUp support. Sometimes a topic may come and go, and be closed because of no new replies. I do subscribe to all posts, but may have been very busy on that day!

Hello Anssi and Colin,
@Anssi : I just downloaded Chrome on my professional computer to check and the problem does not happen (the “M” case for exemple is well mapped, as in Edge, both on Windows)
@Colin : I am sorry if you read my comment as a critical one because it was absolutely not my goal :slight_smile: I am not used to this forum so I did not know if it was or not related to a support. But anyway I do not order or requires anything and I thank you twice for your attention and consideration. Any help is appreciate and first of all my idea is to share experience of this amazing tool.

Your comment was fine. Some people do think the forum is official SketchUp support. I was only saying that even if a topic has had no replies for long enough that the topic is closed, that doesn’t mean the issue isn’t still being worked on.

In this case though, it looks like the issue wasn’t being worked on, and so I will make sure the web version developers know about it.

I undersand. Thank you again for your support.

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