SketchUp Shortcut Resets

Hello! I assigned the Preferences to Ctrl+P because I never use printing and it’s more comfortable for me to call the Preferences window with Ctrl+P. I save my change and export to a separate file as well but when I close and reopen SketchUp, Ctrl+P is back to Print and I have to reassign it again.
Importing the aforementioned exported .dat file doesn’t help either as it doesn’t seem to remember that particular shortcut. All other shortcuts well. The only problem is the Ctrl+P combination. Can someone help?

I think you’ll find ctrl p is one of those hard wired into the os that can’t be changed.

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I expect that’s happening because it’s a default Windows shortcut.

Box wins!

Woohoo I can stop posting now! I’m free I tell ya, free!!! Free to live a normal non forum life and all it took was millions of mind numbing quest…I mean a few minutes of delightful responses to easy questions, free free…


Ok, thanks for the replies. In that case Ctrl+Alt+P it is! :smiling_imp:

Wouldn’t Shift+P be easier?

Box, have another drink.

Another drink Dave an I’ll be shifting p in my sleep!

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It also may be that you have not unassigned the shortcut set to the File > Print command ?

No, I made sure it was unassigned. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t really matter but since I have all the setting-related windows assigned to Ctrl+ buttons, I wanted Preferences to be the same way too. So Ctrl+Alt+P preserves the Ctrl part in a way, hehe!