What happened to using keyboard shortcuts

I used to use control P to push pull or control M to move stuff.It was so easy now I have to look up find the icon etc. Aside from being a pain it is a waste of my time…Am I doing something wrong or is the new Trimble version a step down the original?
Pls email me the answer.I really hope it’s my mistake & u can tell me how to activate the keys.

I just use the default keyboard shortcuts for those. P for Push/Pull and Mike for Move. Ctrl+P is for Print.

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P & M don’t work perhaps I haven’t turned on something that I should
have?? I’ve been using su for yrs but i hate shmible trimble.any help
thx for answering me

I use SketchUp on four different computers. P and M work on all of them. The keyboard shortcuts of P and M have been the same since before Google bought SketchUp many years ago. Try resetting the keyboard shortcuts. Window>Preferences>Shortcuts>Reset All.

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Wow dave thx a million!!!
just leave out the control step correct? (sorry I’m a controlling person :slight_smile:

Are you saying that even after I told you to use just P and M, you were still trying to use Ctrl P and Ctrl M? Those tools have never ever used Ctrl P and Ctrl M as the shortcuts. As I said in my first reply, Ctrl P is for Print. That’s a default windows shortcut.Ctrl M is a carriage return, the same as hitting Enter. Both of those are based in the operating system.

[quote=“flo, post:5, topic:28572”]
… just leave out the control step correct? …

Does this qualify for a little D’OH! moment?
(Mind you, we all have these moments though, or is it: we all have…D’OH!)

u r absolutely right thx again!!

You’re welcome.

Perhaps you can mark this one solved.

will do