After certain time, CTRL+push or CTRL+move doesn't work properly

When I try to use using modifier after selecting and moving the face or object that I am trying to copy to new place, move tool suddenly stops. And after moving again while modifier is enabled because I already pressed ctrl, next move copies the object. I don’t know why move tool suddenly stops while other times in the same scenerio it works just fine. Same thing happens spontaniously while using push pull and using ctrl after the height I want to go. Its not happening when I press Ctrl before using move tool or push pull tool.
I believe it functions same way in any other + sign commands.

Its hard to explain, I was trying to record but after closing and opening Sketchup It works right now just fine, when I have same problem I will upload video or gif

Cold this be a conflict with your use of autohotkey software?

No, because there is no hotkey about any modifier keys. And I think it was happening before I started using Autohotkey, but I was not that picky back then. Quarantine affects me I guess :smiley:

Try just tapping the “P” key for Push/Pull and the “M” key for move.

Well I am talking about CTRL modifier in THOSE commands, I am not talking about how to use them. By the way I use different shortcuts for those commands so I guess I know which keys to activate what shortcuts are.

This is what I am talking about by the way, after pressing ctrl key window dissapears at the end.

Just checking that you understand that ctrl is a toggle, each time you tap turns it on and off.

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Not talking down to anyone. I’m here to learn and help if I can. Wasn’t sure what you needed. I work with a spectrum of users. Usually working on a MAC, the option key is for the + sign commands, control provides an options menu. Move tool command copies the selected elements. If your working on a “PC” then the keys are switched. If this helps, great.

To continue, I can’t tell why that didn’t work in the video when it looks as though it worked for the other element I see.

Looking again I see that the left group is in edit, is the right side a group?

Yes I am in group and object that I am tyring to move is group too, it happens even when its not group. And when its bugging like that it Will do same bug Consistently in same scenerio (moving object > hovering mouse to desired place > then pressing Ctrl key)

Yes I know, in video you can see my key strokes. I only press one time after moving object. And it feels like I pressed esc after pressing but I don’t. Strange thing.

Type here, I think. To toggle between Move and Copy with the Move tool on Mac, tap the Option key, not Command.

Or perhaps you meant 'with the Move command" ?

Mr_C meant the second one i believe.

I guess there is no answer for this.

Hi, sorry I took so long. Thanks for the catching that. Yes, optionkey.

Yes, Option key. Thank you.