Move tool bug

So I have been using this method for quite a while until this occured and I really need help fixing it. Thanks


What occurred?

The video seems to show lots of moves and move-copying. Some of the move operations work and others don’t. Is it the ones that don’t that you refer to?

More detail please.

Thanks for the reply.
The method I mean Ctrl+move and after “/value” or “*value”.
Some time ago, when i typed different values for example “/5” and right after “/6” it wouldn’t keep the first copies. But now as you can see it does keep the copies.

That’s not the normal behaviour and I can’t reproduce it. Have you installed plugins or extensions lately that interfere with the move tool?

Have you set up new shortcut keys up for preserved characters like /, x or * ?
These might interfere with +Ctrl modifiers in Move or Rotate…
Also is your keyboard entirely blameless - e.g. when you type / is that key sticking or repeating ?
What repeat-settings does your keyboard have?
Have you accidentally enabled filter-keys or sticky-keys etc?

Well i would never figure out. I have assigned this symbol ` and m as move keys. The first one is right before the 1 number key so it helps me a lot. removed the shortcut closed the app and now everything works just fine. Thanks mate!