Move + ctrl (Move copy) Not working, won't update


Just discoved this issue when using the Movecopy tool (ctrl + Move) When using the tool and try do divide or multiply the array, it wont update, it just adds a new array on top. This happens with both divide and multiply.
Hope this makes sense. See Gif`s for ilustrations.

Thank you

In the second GIF you are clicking on the Measurements window. Don’t do that. Leave your cursor in the model space and just type like you did in the first one.

Hi Dave, and thank you for replying.

It does not really matter what i do, it is the same… I really have no idea how this happend :smiley:

Can you upload the .skp file?


It is not spesific to one file. The issue is on every file i work on. I can create a new file or open an old one, it is allways the same, but if you want I can create a new file and uppload :slight_smile:

Hello, have you tried disactivating your extensions ? Repaired the installation ?

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Naaaahhhh, was hoping the community had a “out of pocket” sollution :slight_smile: But i guess that will be my next option… :smiley:

Well, the sinner is located… It seems to be the latest version of the “su_to_D5render” plugin. When enabled it issue is there, when disabled arrays uppdates normaly.
Can i bee sure that it is this plugin alone, or does it come in conflict with anything else ??

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I’ll give it a try this afternoon and tell you, if no one does it till then

OK, I installed D5 render and I get the same issue… If you use it a lot, I suggest you warn D5 render’s developpers, hoping for a fix

Thank your for time confirming the issue. I`ve posted the same on the D5 render Pro tecnichal forum, and will link to this post… :slight_smile:

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