Sketchup Shop Web Version Crashes...a lot

Recently my Sketchup Shop keeps crashing so much it is unworkable. I am remodelling my basement suite. I have all layers cleanly tagged which I turn off except for the ones I’m working on.
I can’t even consider the 3D Warehouse as it is painfully slow.
I’m running…
MacBook Pro 2017 with Big Sur
2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel i7
16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB
I have a hardwired Ethernet connection with 328.1 Download speed and 16.1 Upload speed.

Help Please!

Are you able to download the SKP file and post it somewhere, for us to try? It may be taking up a lot of memory, even with some tags being hidden.

My computer says this file need 1.8bg but the sketch file is 144mb.

Hi Colin,
Here’s a link to the dropbox file…


Okay, so Sketchup Shop doesn’t work for me to re-design my basement suite. The file is too large for the web version to work. That means I should upgrade to the Pro version. So for a part time hobbyist I have to pay the top end price to get a usable product.

Is there a price point that is designed for people who are not CAD professionals? People like homeowners, or students?

Or should I be looking at other CAD programs? I’ve been using Sketchup since it was owned by Google and I’d hate to re-learn something else but it looks like I have no choice.

I did spend a lot of time looking at your file. It is somewhat complex, and I had work related demands that were taking up a lot of time, so I didn’t make much progress.

You can download your file as a 2017 file, and then use SketchUp Make 2017, which you can download from here:

It’s free to use, and would do better than Shop with larger files.

Okay, I will give that try. Thank you for this suggestion.

I downloaded Sketchup 2017 with a fresh copy but when I try to open it I have to sign up for 30 days free. The same when I try to open SketchupMake 2017.
I only have 30 days to work on this? like I said I’m not professional.

After 30 days the “pro” version will convert into Make and continue working.

There are close to 500 unused textures and over 1500 unused component definitions. Purging this file reduces it’s size from 144mb to 56mb. Try this purged version and see if it’s a bit snappier. You can purge your files by going to Window>model info>statistics>purge unused. Even after purging the unused you have some very poly heavy components in this model. You need to start paying attention to the size of the components you download from the warehouse to place in your model, keep in mind that many are made by non professionals or by manufacturers who only care about getting their name in the list and not the quality of their models. The warehouse is very much buyer beware, so it’s up to the end user to examine each carefully before using it. The ridiculously over detailed bed alone is 33mb with 51,895 polygons and 46 materials.

Oh okay. That explains a lot. Thank you!

The purged version is a lot better. I will learn how to purge. I didn’t realize how important that was, thanks!

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