Long time Sketchup user, frustrated with Web version. Can I just use Make 2017?

So I don’t do much with Sketchup, I use it to quickly design stuff around the home, a bed for the kids, computer desk etc. I have used it since it was Google probably about 8 years ago and have had no issues at all but really only design a few small things every now and then.

I was using Sketchup 2016 for the last few years but loaded it yesterday to be greeted with a message saying it was obsolete and I needed to use the new Web version.

So I setup the required account and went about designing a new computer desk, a pretty simple task that should be straight forward.

Before I continue, I have a workhorse PC so here are my specs:

Core i7 4820K
16GB 2400Mhz Ram
GTX Aorus 11GB 1080
1 x 512 Samsung SSD (OS)
1 x 1TB SSD Storage
2 x 512GB SSD Storage
6TB Irongate HDD Storage
Using Google Chrome browser

The issues I am faced with constantly are:

  • Very slow and sluggish performance constantly. It will be fine and smooth but then just go very slow
  • Complete freezing every 10 minutes as it does a save
  • Crashes, I have had 6 crashes where Chrome just “Aw snap’s” on me or sketchup just stops and I have to refresh which loses a heap of work if I do not save.

I’m not fussed about solving this as I really want to know if I can just use the 2017 desktop version Make and access the 3d warehouse etc. I much prefer desktop version software over web based software since it feels clunky and slow at the moment and requires so much memory.

Yes, sure. You still can download and use. No one is stopping you. :grinning:

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