Sketchup shop presales

Hi I’m new,
I have some pre- sales questions,
And could not locate a support phone
Can I ask in here?

Never hurts to ask.
We may know the answers and if not some of the sales people do frequent the forum.

As Box says, can we answer some questions here?

I couldn’t find a Shop subscription for you. If that is your main problem, let me know enough to be able to find your subscription, and I can check for any problems.

No subscription yet, these are presales questions, I’m planning on getting sketchup shop for my girlfriend, she does interior designs ,
Just want to be sure with " shop"
She can:
Sketch and colorize walls, furniture,
Add different textures, tile designs,
Different wood patterns?
Similar to what Joanne does on fixer upper

System requirements…she has chromebook 11 3100…(seems to meet requirements
But not sure about the graphics card…

Is Trimble mandatory…if so .is there a cost?
Thank you

Shop can do the things you listed. We have a project where a lot of young SketchUp users are working in the web version, and many of them are on Chromebook, but I would expect more demanding models to work better on a Mac or PC, than on a Chromebook.

If you mean Trimble Connect, everyone gets 10 GB of storage, and a Shop subscription comes with unlimited storage. On its own it would cost more than Shop does.

The free web version doesn’t include the colorizing of materials features, but it is as demanding as Shop. Have her try the free version for a while, and however it performs on her Chromebook, Shop should be similar.