Tablet/Laptop for shop to run Sketchup

Hey everyone, I am an artist blacksmith (so lots of forging and welding). I’m working on a rather large job at the moment and I was curious if any of you use tablets/laptops to run SketchUp outside of a desktop.

What I am specifically wanting to do is open my drawings in the shop and pull dimensions and such while I’m building client projects. Currently, I just label and print. However, for larger jobs, this presents a lot of prints and a lot of running back up to my desktop if I have missed something. Just trying to invest in something to be more efficient. Thanks!

I think an inexpensive laptop would be a good option in the shop and definitely would save you time running back and forth. One option if you update to the Subscription Pro license is that you’d have access to SketchUp Shop which, if you have internet access in your shop would allow you to use a Chromebook which is nearly disposable.

DaveR’s suggestion may well be the best option, unless you already have an iPad or Android tablet.

The viewer on either allows you to take measurements with the tape measure tool, which unfortunately the PC Desktop viewer doesn’t, and you don’t need an internet connection if you download the model onto the tablet while you have WiFi and/or Internet access from your house.

That means if you forgot to dimension some aspect of your model, you can see what it is without having to go back to the house.

Awesome, I have the pro subscription. My daughter has a chromebook, so I could put it on there and see if I can do everything that I want to do with it in the shop. What a great suggestion, and thank you!

I also like this option as well. Well worth the money to buy a tablet and just download the drawing onto it and use it in the shop. I have a couple options to weigh!

A benefit to using SketchUp Shop on the Chrome Book is that you can update the model to match the as-built. :smiley: And of course you can make other modifications if they come up.

Might want to update your profile. It says you are still using SU2018.