Hi everyone and a first question about purchasing SUP with PayPal


I’ve been playing around with the free version of SketchUp for quite a while now and have often considered taking the dive into the full version, but kept being deterred by the price tag.

For a new project I am now considering it again, but in order to afford it, I’d have to use my PayPal credit and pay it off over the course of 6-12 months.

Does anyone know of a way to acquire a single-user license by paying for it with PayPal?

I’d appreciate any pointers you can give me and look forward to becoming an active member of this great community.


You should contact your local reseller or SketchUp customer support directly for answering questions about purchasing the license.

where do I find out who/where my local reseller is?

is there a phone number for the sales division of SketchUp?

Have you tried https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact ?

not yet, but I just went there and will try to contact them this way.
thanks for your help, so far!

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