Sketchup Shop online folders and files are gone after application disconnected

I have a model I’ve been working on for a few weeks and after the cloud based software disconnected this time the folders and files were gone when I got back into the program. I’ve checked my local files and there are no temp files saved.

When I open Trimble Connect my project folder is no longer there only 2 folders named Sketchup there and they are empty.

Make sure you have logged in with the right email address.
Two folders with the name ‘SketchUp’ , are they in the same server location?
There are three serverlocations, North America, Europe and Asia, you can switch in

I have been messaging Ahmed, it’s not a straightforward problem from the look of it.

For your interest, and in case it gives you more ideas, the two folders are in North America, were created two years ago, and currently only show things that were added today. Activity doesn’t show any events between the create date and today.

The two folders you are referencing if created 2 years ago seems very unusual to me. The additional folder I created today and loaded an old model.

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