Projects and folder disappeared

So I’ve been learning sketchup via the free version in the web, I had a folder with a few saved sketchup projects. I was putting some finishing touches on the floor plans, and I saw SketchUp hang up and “crash”. Crashing here means I couldn’t move my mouse nor do anything.

I tried to save, and got an error I’ve seen before which is: “SketchUp ran into a problem while trying to save this project” or something to that effect.

I reloaded, like I’ve done before, and suddenly I have no folder, no projects. Just a blank slate.
So I tried googling, saw some other threads where the suggestion was to log out and back in, I did so, and no luck. Everything is just gone.

Any help here possible to recover these things? Is there some official method of support outside of these forums?

I was evaluating the product to see if I wanted to purchase. I’m sure having a local app would solve this issue, as stuff wouldn’t be able to just “disappear”.

Any help would be appreciated in recovering my projects. I could rebuild them probably, but it’s going to be a huge pain.

Thanks in advance!

Go to Trimble Connect and sign in to your account. Do you see the folder there?

Part of the deal with the free version of SketchUp is that there is no support outside of the forum.

If you are evaluating to see if you want to purchase SketchUp Pro, you really should be using the 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro itself. There are many differences between SketchUp Free and SketchUp Pro.

Nope - no projects/folder on Trimble Connect.

Understood on the support, thanks for the info.

And yeah I hear you on the 30 day trial. I’ve been meaning to do it, but web was a lower barrier for entry, and I just procrastinated. Guess I’m getting punished for that.

Pretty awful that all of this would just disappear though!

Extremely unlikely that the folder would just disappear. Is it possible you were signed in with a different e-mail address before? That seems to be the most common reason for “missing” files.

Yeah I read that on all of the other threads - and no I wasn’t on a different account. I mean it literally disappeared without me even logging out like I mentioned. So it wasn’t like I swapped accounts or something.

It failed to save, then I refreshed, and everything was gone. Where I previously would just go to and see my projects, now I only see “Welcome to SketchUp!” like so:

I’m just going to activate the trial and try the actual Pro version like you mentioned. This is on me for not doing that sooner.

Maybe @colin will have a suggestion for you regarding your file.

Good deal. When you install SketchUp 2021 Pro make sure you right click on the downloaded installer and select Run as administrator from the context menu. This will ensure that all files get installed correctly.

You are showing the Home Screen, which only shows recent files. That list of files can be reset when there are server updates.

Inside the Trimble Connect section that you can get to on the left, is where the files really are.

If you go to the main projects page for Trimble Connect, here:

there is a menu in the upper left that lets you choose which region you are in. Try looking in North America, Europe, or Asia.

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