Sketchup screen is strange


I bought a new computer.

After installing Sketch-Up 2020 and opening the screen,

The screen is cut off. Does not fall gently.

Help me


First thing todo when buying a new computer is to update the drivers, especially the Nvidia or any other graphics card.

See if that makes any changes

The graphics card has been updated to the latest.

And, is SketchUp using it? (Window->Preferences->OpenGL->Graphic Card details)

If not, check the settings in the nvidia control panel (rightclick on a blank space of the desktop->Nvidia-control centre->Manage 3D-settings)

Try a much lower anti-aliasing value.
4x is fine. There’s no good reason for 16x.

If that fails, go to NVIDIA directly and try a different driver.

It isn’t clear from the video what the problem is that you’re showing. If the video was wider it would be possible to see if you are maximized.

If some of the interface is cut off, trying maximizing.

I think he meant the extremely low frame rate. The view is updating very slowly as the mouse moves around.

I saw that, but can’t think how that would translate into “the screen is cut off”.

I even formatted the computer. But, I have the same problem with you.

Please help me. My CPU is also AMD Ryzen.

For some reason, The speed of V-ray and Sketch-Up for the web are normal.

Did you go to the AMD website and download the latest drivers for the processor?

Yes. I installed all the latest device drivers including the AMD driver.

I finally solved this problem.