SketchUp 2020 inspection results


SketchUp 2020 inspection results

Error: Something went wrong while retrieving the system information from your computer. This may cause tests regarding System RAM, Windows version and/or graphics card memory to fail.
Error: Your computer’s system RAM is 0 MB. SketchUp requires 2 GB or more of system RAM.
Error: Graphics card information is missing.

—Update status of my computer—

-OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64
-CPU:AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
-RAM:16GBX2 (CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 DDR4X2)
(The memory card update is up to date.)
(Graphics card updates were up to date.)


I want to solve the problem. Help

You can ignore the error. The Microsoft utility used by Checkup has a long standing bug.

Try installing and running Sketchup anyway.

If you didn’t run the installer using R-Click, Run as Administrator, do so now, and choose the Repair option when it arises. It is NOT the same as running it as a user with Admin privileges.

But once SU is installed, just run it as an ordinary user.

Updated via Windows Update, or from the nVidia website? If you still have problems running SU, use the latter if you only checked Windows Update.

And if your machine has a graphics adapter on the motherboard, as well as the nVidia one, go to SU menu Window/Preferences/OpenGL/Graphics card details and make sure SU is using the nVidia card under OpenGL

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Don’t split information over multiple threads it gets confusing.

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Given two of Piriform’s free products, CCleaner and Speccy, are able to accomplish the feat, one can only wonder how & why the Piriform folks can do it while Trimble stumbles.

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