Sketchup says not responding

Anyone give me solution
My desktop config
Xeon 2630E5 v3 2.6 ghz
Graphics -4GB qudro M2000
Why sketchup lag , when i am copy or explode model
Give me solution what problem with me
Sketchup tell me not responding
I am work temp sketchup 2020
I am student

“Not Responding” means that SketchUp is busy doing something and won’t take any more input from you until it is finished.

Share your SketchUp model so we can see what you’ve got going on.

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says “SketchUp for Schools (web)” and “2020” which is two different versions.

Only sketchup open in windows, nothing i am doing any work in background
Suddenly copy or explode model sketches up software said me not responding and take longer time

I didn’t say anything about you doing any work in the background.

Please answer my questions and share your SketchUp file.

Sketchup 2020

Correct your profile please. If you won’t share your SketchUp file there’s little we can do to help you.

Maybe try updating the graphics drivers.

I am already updated graphics driver, after i am facing same problem
Sorry , i not share now skp file ,because my file stored in college pc

Well, at least correct your profile since you are using SketchUp 2020 Pro not SketchUp for Schools (web).

Can you tell this pc config useing after sketchup lag issue or sketchup said not responding

There’s not enough information to be able to diagnose the reason you are getting the “Not Responding” message. That’s why I asked you to share the SketchUp file.

My pc config this ok for sketchup modeling work
8 core
16 thread

It might be. Maybe not.

So what requirements sketchup 2020
Desktop config

Sketchup config requirements totally and completely fulfilled
After that my sketchup 2020 why lag

I’ve already told you several times, you haven’t provided enough information for us to diagnose why you are getting this delay. Until you share the model there’s nothing more to tell you.

Ok tommorow i share you model

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This number is probably with the “Show nested components” off, so geometry inside groups and components is ignored.

Sir ,my machine configuration ok for sketchup 2020
Bunglow modeling

So if it feels slow, your model is probably the culprit. Or a misbehaving extension.

SketchUp is a single threaded application so the number of threads has no effect on performance. The single thread performance of your year 2014 model CPU is not very great but it should be OK for small models. It is something like 15% slower than the 4-core mobile i7 in my ultraportable notebook.

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