Sketchup Reader requires internet connection?

Is there a version that does not require internet? I have some models stored on my iPad that I need to display when I don’t have access to the internet. It will start loading a file and then just exit the app.

As I understand it you can use SketchUp for iPad without an internet connection.

Unfortunately as a retiree on a very limited income, I can’t afford to buy the Ipad version.

Ah… Perhaps if you load the file completely while you have internet connection.

That seemed to work but seems to be limited to one file.

Yeah. How are you using the files? Maybe you need to export images of the model and save them on to your iPad for reference.

I’m using them as models so I can rotate them for display. I’m using it to share my projects with the members of my woodworking guild.

I see. I guess not much choice for free and on an iPad with no internet connection.

I just finished trying things and it seems that if I load sketchup with an internet connection, I can switch between files without a connection. Thanks for the help.

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If you save the files to your iPad (app automatically prompts this when you switch files), you then have access off line. Just ignore the prompts to login. I do this all the time since a lot of my projects are pretty remote with 1 bar or less cell service.

Is that using SketchUp for iPad or a viewer?

The make available offline seems to work on my iPhone, which is in viewer only mode.

Viewer, I haven’t tried the new one in the field. I sure hope it works the same.

I tried to ignore the login but it won’t let me do anything until logged in.

To be able to work offline, you will have needed to be online and signed in earlier on. Are you online and failing to log in?

DaveR suggested that. It does work and is OK if the app doesn’t log me out after a while. Like I log in at home and try to use the app after I get to my guild meeting.

That sounds hopeful. You should be able to test the idea before you go to the meeting.

Stayed logged in for about 3 hours. We’ll see tomorrow if it still works. Thanks

I typically set my field files the night before online. The next day I’ve always been able to access the files.

When I say ignore the login, try selecting the app again.

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Tried that. No difference. It wouldn’t allow me to do anything unless I logged in.