Using Sketchup Viewer Offline


Hi, I found found all the stuffs for using sketchup viewer but i need an other very important tool for my work.
How do you do to use the sketchup file when you’re offline??? Is there a download or upload to do anywhere?
We 're working on sketchup pro and our private warehouse is checked…

On the website I saw it’s possible: “Present on the go. Take your 3D Warehouse collections and models anywhere. And when you have an important meeting or project review, your models can be cached for offline orbiting, always handy on the SketchUp Mobile Viewer”.

Thx for your help!


On the iPad, you download the model to your device while you have online access, and then it’s there whether you are online, or not. I would imagine the Android version works the same way.


Hit! It works thx for your help.