Sketchup Program Not Responding

Hi all,

My sketchup program is non responsive.

The program is loading, however no axes is displaying and I can not draw anything on the program.

Please see the atached:

Please note- I have rebooted my computer and program and it still remains unresponsive.



Go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use Fast Feedback. Any improvement?

Please update your profile with the correct graphics card information.

Yes, that worked. Thank you Dave :kissing_heart:


Which of these is my graphics card?

that looks like a lenovo…probably integrated intel

None of them. Go to Control Panel. Select System>Device Manager> and then expand Display Adapters.

I have updated profile- Intel (R) UHD Graphics 620.

Yes, it is a lenovo

Thank you for updating. You’re at least the third person in the last couple of days who found that turning off Fast Feedback fixed their problem. I’d guess Microsoft sent another of their famous updates that broke the graphics drivers for the Intel graphics adapters which are flaky at the best of times. You might want to check Intel’s site and see if they have an update for the graphics drivers that you can install.

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once a month!

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