Sketchup problems with Yosemite?

Does Sketchup have a problem or any bugs running with Mac OS Yosemite 10.10?

sketchup 2015 is yosemite compatible

Any bugs? Also, my students are used to using S/U 8. Will it be hard to adapt to S/U 15? Also, when I download 15 I don’t lose 8 in my mac applications folder. Can they be run side-by-side?

Question 1 - None that aren’t there on any other Mac OS version.
Question 2 - No, should look familiar. Some tools have multiple selections on tool bar, etc…
Question 3 - Yes, designed to allow side-by-side operation. When a designer has a process, they want to adapt to a new version in their time, not ours, so it’s always been a feature of SketchUp. If we break it, it’s a bug.


sure, there are some bugs just like in every other software :wink:

but the crashes which were happening with su2014+Yosemite have been eliminated…

as far as differences between su8 and 2015, the most obvious will be the icons have changed appearance…
the second most obvious is that 2015 is a lot more stable and hardly ever crashes (possibly due to more stringent requirements for plugin developers?)

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Thank you! This is a big help.