Sketchup, when un update to solve Yosemite compatibility problems?


Hi Guys

after some days of testing and exchange of ideas and experiences, it is clear that Sketchup 2014 is suffering in compatibility with the new Mac OS
it is impossible to use the Outliner, and this is quite fundamental
we are using the layers for the new projects, but it is quite difficult with existing projects, a lot of time is going…
many suggestions, the only way seems to be a downgrade of the OS system
is this serious?
I’m waiting for a new iMac and I was going to order a new License for my collaborator
and you want me to downgrade a new Machine?
is this serious?
I’m a pro, I don’t have time for tricky games
and I’ve bought a pro-license
what will be the time table to solve this?
when Is an upgrade of sketchup coming?
any plans? I mean, a serious plan
this sound quite dramatic for my time table


Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not a tricky game and nobody requested you to downgrade. In corporate environments, admins do only upgrade the system after thoughtful checking that the upgrade does not break production critical software, and that the system still fulfills all “contracts” with components it is connected with. It is not SketchUp 2014 that changed/broke, but the environment around it.

Although I’m not aware of any timetables, considering the last Maintenance Release is some time ago, a soonish update is not unlikely.

I can understand the passion for moving with the wave and getting hands on the latest software.
But to have the benefits of both worlds (freshest software and stable supported software), I strongly recommend to preserve your production system, either by dual booting, or by using a virtual machine (you can choose whether you prefer the old system virtualized in the new or vice versa). If its urgent for you, a virtual machine could be the quickest solution to setup without reformatting your computer.



I can agree at some points
but guys, I’m buying a new machine… to improve my company
are you thinking not to upgrade and loose all the new Imac or Mac Pro, etc…?
do you think that?
photoshop has been updated the day after…