Should I upgrade to OS X Yosemite?

UPDATE! - With the release of SketchUp 2015 we now support Yosemite, but only on that version of SketchUp. If your Maintenance and Support Plan is currently active then you should have already been emailed your new license information. At this time there aren’t any plans to update older versions of SketchUp for this new operating system. If you’re using a previous version of SketchUp or your Maintenance and Support Plan has lapsed then you can always upgrade in our online store at

tl;dr - Don’t upgrade yet. If you already did, you should “undo” it.

Apple released a new version of OS X this week, OS X 10.10 aka Yosemite which brings many new features to the operating system. Unfortunately it introduces some structural changes which have impacted SketchUp 2014 and likely most previous versions. Because of this change in the operating system we are advising against upgrading, even though it’s free.

If you choose to upgrade to Yosemite, note that we won’t be able to offer solutions for any of the issues that arise which is to say that it’s an Unsupported Environment.

If you haven’t upgraded yet and you use SketchUp regularly, our recommendation is to wait a while before upgrading.

If you have already upgraded then there are two possible options; use Time Machine to roll back to Mavericks or erase and reinstall Mavericks. Below are Apple’s articles on each option:

OS X: How to Erase and Install
Mac Basics: Time Machine backs up your Mac

Note that this isn’t us writing off the new version of OS X with a claim that we won’t ever support it, it’s just advice for those considering upgrading to this new operating system.

It is this author’s opinion that any operating system is going to launch with some quirks and that it is generally advisable to wait for at least the cycle of one maintenance release or patch before upgrading if your system is mission critical and you can’t afford the down time while waiting for these glitches to be addressed.

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This is quite incredible… I mean, developers had access to OS X 10.10 betas since June…

Unfortunately our schedule for development doesn’t always align with Apple or Microsoft and the result is that everything doesn’t always work. In our favor, the full version of our software was also available for that full period of time and they failed to test against it.


For those of us who might’ve been a little Yosemite trigger happy and/or might be giving a workshop in a few days… Is there any known series of moves that should be avoided when using SketchUp + Yosemite? I’ve been using it a couple of days before I saw your post and I haven’t had any problems yet.

The known and reported issues, with a workaround at least, are:

  • The use of the Outliner for deleting components but may affect other Outliner operations as well, it might be best to avoid Outliner for the time being.
  • The use of the Font picker also appears to be causing problems.

There is an issue which results in crashes with an “ASOT” error which doesn’t have a workaround, this issue and a couple of other crashes reported were not reproducible in testing in our office but also include launching LayOut directly. If you’re seeing crashes beyond those caused by the 2 bulleted issues above then you might try a full uninstall and reinstall and try running SketchUp without plugins or addons. We have uninstall instructions in our Knowledge Center here.

Hopefully that’s helpful.

I swear that I have never heard a developer say this before in my life.

It seems that you perhaps should define who “they” are in your comment. I read into your comment that SketchUp depends on Apple to test for compatibility issues with a new operating system version.

Perhaps that’s not what you said at all.


I fully understand that SketchUp has its own schedule for development but this kind of problems go under bug solving, not future development.
SketchUp platform relies on OS X and Windows, just like SketchUp Plugins rely on SketchUp.

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I just want to confirm that the use of Outliner is not working properly. It’s not just deleting groups or components from it that result in crashes, hiding and unhiding or even only keeping the Outliner windows open has the same critical effect all the time. So if you want to keep your models tidy and organized you should probably stay on Mavericks for the time being.
It would be nice if Trimble acknowledged the bugs or even better, asked for them. I’m more than interested in providing you with more info on this bug if necessary. Can we expect a fix anytime soon?

I’ve installed yosemite
Sketchup 14 crashes after opening outliner in bigger files. Please a quick fix!

Outliner is definitely not working in SketchUp on Yosemite and this is a known issue with a fix in the pipeline, I don’t have an ETA for its release as we would prefer to do a release which addresses all of the issues.

I was actually saying Apple didn’t test our software, it was just me being glib. We don’t expect Apple or Microsoft to test our software before they release. I also want it to be clear that if we’re in the middle of our own development cycle with our own beta testing already happening, we have to test with a known working operating system for our own beta cycle so we know if it’s our bug or someone else’s. Unfortunately the release schedule for Yosemite just didn’t align perfectly and we had to focus on what we already had going.

I will repeat, we aren’t saying we won’t fix it, just that we don’t have a fix that is concurrent with their launch. My original post unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem for those that already have Yosemite but hopefully it saves others some headache until we’re ready to offer something that works with the new operating system.

On a parting note, if you are seeing a crash in Yosemite that produces a Bugsplat error, please submit those reports so the QA team has as much data as possible. While we’ve been able to reproduce the issue with Outliner and the Font picker, the launch crashes some user’s are seeing aren’t happening for us so we’re still researching.

The problem is that Yosemite is “just” an update of a platform on which you rely, and everybody use (OS X). You knew about this OS X platform update since June, and had time and opportunity to test the betas of it. Probably this has not happened.

Anyway, now that the base platform (OS X) update is out, and SketchUp has major problems with it, I believe the best thing to do is to divide critic update (that is what we need soon), maintenance release and Sketchup future development.

I have avoided using Outliner since I read the relevant posts. I have been running both Sketchup 2014 Pro and Layout since I installed Yosemite with no major problems. Today the “finder” window failed to appear when I wanted to open a file that was not in my recents list or insert a file into Layout. Quitting and restarting SU & Layout solved the problem temporarily. No bugsplat but it is a little annoying. This problem occurs in both SU and Layout.

@marcodileo, Thanks for your feedback.

@cmockers, That is interesting about the Finder window, do you mean you go to File > Open and it isn’t opening a window at that point? Or is the issue in Finder itself? Presuming it’s the File > Open issue, do you use multiple displays or have SketchUp assigned to a default space? If the Outliner and Font Picker issues are relating to how Yosemite displays Dialog Boxes then maybe other actions in SketchUp opening windows could see the issue too. If you can confirm your environmental variables I’ll submit it as a bug.

It doesnt sound like your un a hurry to fix your software. It’s a bit deceptive. It’s not like Yosemite hit you by surprise. It’s maybe the more open beta from Apple since they make OS. It looks like you missed an opportunity to suck a lot of bug data reports from your users.

Hope a free update is in the pipe for very soon. Remember people that will buy a Mac today will go with Yosemite preinstalled.

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I’m sorry if it sounds like this isn’t a priority. We are definitely working to resolve the issues that have arisen as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there isn’t a fix today which is understandably frustrating to the Early Adopters who’ve already upgraded.

No, absolutely not. Some of the core features of Yosemite aren’t even finished, so I would definately leave it a couple of months.

I don’t think SJ would be very happy about the buggy code that is coming out of Apple right now.

I’ve upgraded the day Yo came out and hadn’t any problems with SketchUp. I don’t use Outliner so I can’t comment on that but SketchUp works fine.

Hey Guys,

I got this to work for me: try this in Mac OS X Yosemite:

Just need to clear out preferences. I did it manually.

Mac OS X

Quit SketchUp. (If you have more than one instance of SketchUp open, make sure you quit all instances of SketchUp.)
Open a Finder window.
(SketchUp 8 and older) Delete the SketchUp folder from the main library:
In the left pane of the Finder window, click Macintosh HD.
In the right pane, click Library, and then Application Support.
In the Application Support folder, find the Google SketchUp # folder, and then drag it to the trash.
For SketchUp 2013 the folder will simply be “SketchUp 2013”.
Delete the SketchUp folder from your user library:
In the left pane of the Finder window, click your user name, then click Library* in the right pane.
If you’re using Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, hold down the Option (Alt) button on your keyboard, click Go in the menubar, then select the Library option in the drop-down list. Here’s an example video.
Open the Application Support folder.
In the Application Support folder, find the SketchUp # folder, and then drag it to the trash.
Delete the SketchUp application:
In the left pane of the Finder window, click Applications.
In the right pane, find SketchUp # folder, and then drag it to the trash.
Delete the plist file:
In the left pane of the Finder window, click your user name.
In the right pane, click Library
, and then Preferences.
*If you’re using Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, hold down the Option (Alt) button on your keyboard, click Go in the menubar, then select the Library option in the drop-down list. Here’s an example video.
In the Preferences folder, drag any of the following files, if present, to the trash:
Empty the trash.

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Don’t open fonts panel. See Crash after updating Mac OS X for workaround. Avoid Outliner. Please respond to the thread listed here so we don’t end up with 50 threads and people miss workarounds. Thanks, community.