Sketchup problem (urgent)

hello , i have a problem with my skp file , i was working on 2023 pro then it says that i have to update it so i install 2024 version , then when i open my file it says (BUG SPLAT) error , also i changed the file name a couple of times , also it says that my file is locked or for other one so i need permission and only read it , can someone fix my file ? i have a final exam so i need to complete my work safety
link to open my file

I’m working on your file now. While you wait, correct your forum profile. “architecture” is not the SketchUp version. It should be SketchUp 2024. The operating system is not 2024. It should be Windows 10 or Windows 11. “memory” is not a Graphics Card.

Also while you are waiting. Close SketchUp. Find the installer you downloaded for SketchUp 2024 in the Downloads folder. Right click on it, choose Run as administrator and when offered the options, choose Repair. After it has completed, shut your computer down completely and restart it.

Alright. Although sluggish for me, your file did open. I did my usual cleanup by fixing incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 5_25_2024 , 10_18_36 AM
… and purging unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 5_25_2024 , 10_21_15 AM
This reduced the file size by nearly half. It still has some overly detailed entourage that you should reduce in complexity. You need to get in the habit of keeping your model files clean and streamlined so your computer doesn’t choke on them.

There are a whole lot of incorrectly oriented faes in your model that you should fix. This is especially important if you intend to do any rendering. There should be no visible blue back faces. Applying materials to them doesn’t correct them.

Here’s the file.


i really appreciate it , thank you so much , and i will fix what you told me about , so glad for your help