SketchUp Pro vs SketchUp Studio?

Ibouoght SketchUp Pro last June, just now installing before the deadline. My account says SketchUp Pro, but it just installed SketchUp Studio instead. Why? What is the difference? Have not tried to open and used it yet. I work by myself, not very tech savvy, but get along fine with SketchUp Pro. Also use Geo Location a lot, is that on Studio ?

Sketchup Pro and Studio are the same base software, with the most recent desktop Sketchup version, Layout and style builder.

The difference is that studio adds some very valuable plugins to it, like Scan Essentials and Vray.

The price is very different though.

Maybe if you purchase Pro you get a studio trial.

Thank you. I saw the price differences on renewal. Maybe that I am downloading halfway through the purchase period, I got a deal?

So you are saying that I have everything in Pro, plus extras in Studio, that I did not expect?

You can download the extra extensions via the common installer, but they will not work when you try to use them. You will be prompted to start a trial or upgrade.