Sketchup Pro Version 19 DWG Import Fail

This is now getting rediculous. My workflow;

Use Version 18 to import survey DWGs, then save file and open in Version 19 to work on.

Then, if I really want to work quicker once the model is ready, Save back as Version 18, and use Layout on MacBook Pro to produce Construction Documents

2019 does not like it on my Win 10, I get the warning : warning Then the import fails. Opens in 2018 as a bunch of points.

But windows 7 SketchUp 2018 works fine.

kings school.dxf in SU2019 on my iMac [El Capitan (no longer supported)] works fine…

maybe @slbaumgartner will try on his more modern mac…


I don’t think it’s a Mac thing as much as it might be a “Mac version of SketchUp thing.” Macs actually handle DWGs perfectly fine, from my years of experience.

My experience, as well. Sometimes, a totally blank layer name would cause issues, though…(instant bugsplat)

I might experiment with the layer setup in the DWG as it does seem a little odd to me.

There’s only about 5 layers, but one layer turns everything off even though most of the objects are on other layers. It works fine when I explode the DWG in BricsCAD first. All the survey points have Attributes assigned to them which have been created by the Trimble survey equipment.

It’s almost similar to embedded Components in Sketchup.

I import the model just fine on my Mac (mid-2012 MBP Retina, macOS 10.14.5, SU 2019), with the same error report as the others have shared. The data in the model is indeed very far from the origin: about 43km if you don’t preserve origin and about 126km if you do (the raw contents origin is quite a distance up the z axis). Either way the remote points are farther than SketchUp is designed to handle safely.

That makes sense to me but a little confused why version 18 imports it ok but 19 fails.

I did also select all geometry and move to 0,0,0 in BricsCAD before saving.

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Try resetting the UCS to World in AutoCAD, select everything and wblock it out to the earliest DWG file format available (r12-14?).
Best of luck!

Hi all we are aware of this condition where certain geometry was being weeded out because of the scale and precision within blocks. This is the same case with this file so that is why exploding it saving will bring it in. I also changed the pdmode to 2 in Acad so that the points displayed.

We are looking into a fix.



Under trial it was working now that I have a license its not importing
…Is there a person that I can contact