Sketchup Pro Version 19 DWG Import Fail


I imagine that there is a quick answer to this but it’s baffled me.

For some reason Sketchup Version 19 will not import a DWG file that Version 18 has no problem with.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one?

Kind regards


Can you share the DWG?

No worries.

Banbury CC Survey.dwg (22.8 KB)

Version 18 imports it no problem.


EDIT: Even tried saving it as a AutoCAD V2000 Version.

What should it look like? When I open it in Draftsight I get a bunch of points with text.

When I import into SU2019 on the PC, I get the following message and then the points show as guidepoints.

Looks like most of the DWG consists of entities like text that SketchUp won’t import.

That’s exactly what it should look like.

I just get an import Failed on Version 19. On Version 18, I get the same as you got.


I get this in Version 19…

Then Import Failed.


Weird. I wonder why the difference between PC and Mac.

Being really cynical, it will be ANOTHER thing that Macs have trouble with and will never get fixed.

So, I exploded the drawing in AutoCAD first, then saved it, and it imported ok.


might be a picnic bug…

on my mac I get:

maybe import settings differ?



What’s a picnic bug?

Tried with the same settings. No luck

I’ve made sure the DWG is moved to 0,0,0 in CAD Software.

Banbury CC - Survey.dwg (25.2 KB)

EDIT: The report you show @john_drivenupthewall is the same as I get in Sketchup Version 18. The one I have just uploaded is the one I get from Version 19.

nerdy humour…

problem in chair not in computer…

edit: my report is from v19…


Tried everything;

AutoCAD Release 2013 Version, 2018 Version, Release 14 Version, DXF Version.

Absolutely will not import.

Here’s a thought. I am using BricsCAD.

Would you be able to save it in a DWG using your CAD software and send back to me so I can try that, to see if it is BricsCAD being a S**t!


Here’s two more which imported perfectly in Sketchup Version 18. 19 is having none of it.

Kind regards


kings school worc.dxf (31.5 KB) kings school worc.dxf (31.5 KB)

Banbury CC Survey.dxf (117.8 KB)

How about a DXF file? Any difference?

Thankyou. Long answer is No.

Did not work.


I am using Sketchup Version 19 on my MacBook Pro under High Sierra.

Here’s what I get from kings school.dxf in SU2019 on PC.



My windows 7 system: no luck (Banbury survey)

Capture Capture2 Capture3

Doesn’t work in iMac running Mojave either, so it’s not that.