SketchUp Pro Update Email

I just received an email telling me I can update my Pro license and get the iPad version and that it will be 20% off. HOWEVER, when you scroll down through the email, it says the offer expires May 18, 2022 thus, the offer expired almost 4 months ago!

Interesting that I have not gotten any response and that I received the email today but the offer/discount expired on May 18.

Was wondering if others received the same email?

I received the same offer, and did not read it far enough to see the expiration date. Reading further now, I see that sure enough it is as you indicated - long expired:

Upgrade your Classic license to a SketchUp Pro subscription, and start reaping the rewards. Hurry, this offer ends May 18, 2022.

It seems that it’s never too late to review a missed opportunity!

I got the same message. Thought it could be a scam.

Those marketing emails seem to come from Who was the sender for the one you’re seeing?


Mine came from the At least that is what I see when I click to reply. Is that what it should be or is this a scam of some type.

Getting the email (if it is legitimate) did not bother me. The fact that when I went to the site and saw the expiration date made me kind of disgusted (again if it truly is legitimate).

OK, I went back and looked in my email and the original email was deleted and I also was no longer in my trash folder either. The note I clicked on to see the email address was in my junk folder and did not contain the original content. Perhaps one of the other responders can give you more accurate information.

My original post was to bring it to the attention of the support staff an question why (if it was legitimate) something would be sent that was already expired. You are making me wonder if there has been some type of email hack!

In my last message I tagged someone in marketing. She should know if the email is valid, and why it takes you to an expired promotion.

Thank you.

My laptop died so I cannot run SketchUp any more but started the thread because f the issue I pointed out.:expressionless:

Here are some details about the instance of the message I received, as reported by gmail, the email service I use:

Hey everyone! It looks like marketing sent this email out by mistake. There will be a corrected email coming out shortly. Apologies for the confusion - it was an error on our part.

Again, thanks for the reply and update. :+1::+1:

I will not be able to take advantage of it but based on your reply, I am glad I started the thread. At first I did not get any responses so thought I had a unique situation.

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