SketchUp Pro stopped loading and my account no longer shows I have a pro account

First, SketchUp Pro ikon (s) failed to start the program. Used it just last week, no problem.
Second, I went to help center and entered my license number and was authenticated. Asked for HelpCenter support. Nothing yet. When I checked my Sketchup account it only shows access to free programs and not the SketchUp Pro program. I renewed in Feb. 2020. I have a valid license. What could be going on?
Third, I attempted repairing the program in with the “Repair” choice when re-installing the program. But I received an error message saying the program was unable to locate the “Sketchup2020.msi” file on my computer. Any suggestions to fix the program shy of reinstalling it completely?
Thank you.

Are you certain you are signed in with the email info that is associated with your license? Sometimes people have two accounts and are signed in on an older disused account inadvertently.

It might relate to an incorrect installation…
To install any complex app, like SketchUp, you need to do the following…
Where appropriate I say ‘Repair’ for an existing installation…
Login to Windows as your normal user-account.
Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file - normally saved into your Downloads folder ?
Select its icon and right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Install” - BUT for the case of an existing set up it’s “Repair”

When it completes retry SketchUp…

If you have installed a complex app in any other way it might prove flaky down the line.
So NEVER double-click the installer’s exe file icon to ‘Run’ it.
Even if your normal user-account has admin powers it is NOT the same as doing it as outlined above…

Could be, but I have had only one email address in the past twenty years. I don’t know how else to check without support from SU team.

Rereading your earlier reply I see you tried a Repair but it failed due to a missing msi file.
This might well be due to an incorrect installation…
My advice [take it at your own risk!] is to completely UN-install SketchUp using the system-tools.
Then reinstall it from scratch - using “Run as administrator” as explained before…

Any luck ?

Thanks for the tip. Here I go, back as an running administrator. . .

If you entered a license number, you probably have a ‘classic’ license, which should be entered in the welcome screen or [menu]Help->License in the ‘classic’ license tab.

Every Trimble ID (or email address) has a free trial. You need a valid Trimble ID to get stuff from the 3D Warehouse, but your use of the app must be validated by the license info of the classic license.

We have something of a backlog of cases, and are encouraged not to work on the weekend. Still, I sent a reply to your email, and included a link to the MSI version of the installer. That may work ok in cases where the regular installer is confused about where the MSI file is.



Thank you for your weekend reply. I have managed to reinstall without loosing configuration somehow, by running as an administrator and it seemed to repair (although I did not select repair) rather than a full install which would have required, I think, reinstalling all my plugins. Anyway, all seems good now. I did try the msi from the link you sent but when I tried to direct the original repair search for a SketchUp2020.msi by browsing to the downloaded msi file, it said it was not from a “valid installation,” whatever that means. No matter. If I have further trouble, I’ll be back with more questions.

Thanks again.


No. Extensions you’ve added are installed in a folder that is not touched by reinstalling, repairing, or even uninstalling the program.

Glad it’s working.

The MSI link I gave you is a standalone installer. You should have double clicked on in, not point to it from the regular installer.

Like Dave says, your plugins most likely remained in their usual location throughout all of that. The installer doesn’t do anything to disturb or reinstall extensions.

Sorry, I misunderstood. Thank you.