Sketch Up Pro reinstallation

Hi ,
I purchased Sketch Up Pro yearly plan last week .But, few days after installation it in my laptop, my laptop started hanging again and again due to some issue in the laptop and finally my laptop get formatted. Now, When I login on sketch up portal to reinstall, Sketch up Pro is not looking in my Product list. I also don’t have any lisence key as it was not provided at the time of purchase. Kindly guide how can I reinstall it in my laptop.

this is not normal, and since it completely independent from your computer, it has nothing to do with the formatting. It’s a web page.
any chance you have more than one sketchup account ?

It’s the weekend right now, and early morning in colorado, but later today chances are @colin will come by on the forum, he can check if there is an issue with your account.

there are no licence keys anymore, not since the subscription era.
Now, you can install SU pro without a licence, just get the installer and run it. authentification comes later.
When launching Sketchup, it will ask you to connect to your account. if your account has a subscription, sketchup pro will run. if not, it will close.

so just install and when asked to, login. it should do the trick.

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Look in the Member section, first.
Than be sure that the email you’re gonna use in the SketchUp App has the right ‘Product access’
(Change by the ‘kebab’ menu beyond that line)

Switch to My products and view included apps to download

For some reason you had turned off auto-renew of your subscription at some point. Your existing subscription expired yesterday, you will nee to manually start a new subscription.