SketchUp Pro not working on a Surface Pro



SketchUp Pro installed on a Surface Pro.

Start SketchUp Pro and XY axis are not visible, not possible to draw, not possible to open an existing model.

That is how it looks like:

Main Window not available

Try to update the graphics driver.


In Sketchup Preferences>OpenGL
Toggle the “Use Fast feedback”

Getting my SketchUp to actually DRAW

Graphic driver is updated.

by toggle, do you mean I should Use Fast feedback or should not use?

Thank you both for trying to help.


I have a Surface Pro 4 at home and the last driver update caused same thing that you described. So I have removed the mark before Fast feedback, (Fast feedback should NOT use) and it helped for me.
So “toggle” it and see what is te best for you… :wink:


after changing settings in the OpenGL dialog, do a SU restart for taking the settings into effect.


This also worked for me with a Surface Pro 5