Can't Draw anything (2018) after update


I recently updated my Surface Pro which had SketchUp Pro 2018 installed and working. After the update SketchUp will open but, I cannot draw anything, the icons are there but, the screen does not have the customary xyz start point.
I have rebooted, checked preferences, which no longer has turn on or off hardware acceleration, and have runn the Sketchup repair program. I have uninstalled the program with the same results.There are a couple of other similar posts but no answers and they are closed. So…any ideas???
The Graphics card is a HD Graphics 520, and everything is updated with the most current update.


SketchUp 2018 has never had an option to turn off Hardware Acceleration nor does SU2017.

You might try turning off Fast Feedback. Some Surface Pro users have had success with that.

The Intel HD graphics adapters are well known to be weak in the OpenGL department. You might try going to the Intel site and downloading the latest drivers for that GPU. Be aware that automatic updates from Microsoft frequently contain Intel graphic driver updates that actually are worse than previous drivers for OpenGL. When you find a driver that works. Keep a copy of it to go back to when Microsoft screws things up.



Thanks for the quick response, turning off Fast Feedback worked!!

I will continue to look for drivers but, this at least this gets me moving forward.




Happy to hear that helped. It’s too bad that the Intel drivers are so flaky and variable in the way they support OpenGL. After the next update you might be able to turn Fast Feedback on again. And then, the update after that, you might need to turn it off. Hard to say but at least you have a way to keep going. Have a great weekend.