SketchUp pro not working even though I paid for it

I purchased SketchUp pro earlier today and I cannot get it to pull up. It keeps asking me if I want to updgrade even though I have already purchased, any suggestions ?

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Is this with SketchUp 2022 and a subscription license? Your forum profile indicates an iPad. Can you post a screen-shot of the window or display where SketchUp seems to get stuck asking about an upgrade? (Be sure to blur or redact any confidential information that might be visible.)

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This is on an iPad but I purchased the year subscription that said ipad included

So is it SketchUp for iPad that isn’t working or SketchUp Pro (the desktop client version)?

I am using an ipad but i never received any liscence link on my invoice emal? My pro subscriptikm said it included ipad as well. Do i need to acticate on a desktop?

There isn’t a license link sent. After you’ve installed SketchUp for iPad you should be able to open it and sign in with the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased the subscription.

Did you purchase using Apple’s “Hide My E-mail” feature?

Sorry for not seeing your post sooner. I can see that you have bought SketchUp Pro, and that in your My Products it will still be showing SketchUp Free.

The problem is that the Pro subscription hasn’t been assigned to anyone yet. Sign into this page, with your email address:

Get into the section for Members, and add a new member, which can be you, to then assign the subscription to your email address.

After that, Pro should show up in your My Products page, and signing in on iPad will give you the editor features.