Sketchup Pro - grant license is invalid

Our grant license code is coming up as invalid for sketchup 2021, I have tried on a few machines and got the same result. The majority of the machines that are using this same code since the beginning of the year are all still working fine.

is this a perpetual network license?
if a perpetual single user license: how often did you have activated this license?

Network license that has been granted based on our IP address

if the offline version w/ a local license server application (EXE x64, no virtualization) the license is based on the MAC address of the used network adapter (see CMD: “ipconfig /all”) of the concerning system. Changing the network card or the whole system is not supported by the offline version and may lead to issues as described.

@jmichels I would recommend directly contacting your EDU Team contact directly. They can help you get it all sorted.