Perpetual license when changing pc

Hello, I own a perpetual license for Sketchup 2017 that I’m still using. I changed my pc and I have to migrate the license from the old pc to the new. On the old pc it is impossible to remove the license and so I can’t activate the license on the new pc. The problem seems that Sketchup can’t reach the network license server. I contacted the local reseller and they told me that I cannot move the license on another pc. As far as I know a perpetual license does not expire, even if I have to move to another pc.
Can you please help me?

There is a problem on our server. I don’t know when the problem will be fixed, but I added a link to this topic to the bug report, so that when it’s fixed I can come back and tell you.

Thank you!

We fixed the add license side of this problem last week, but the remove license part was failing for a couple of versions of SketchUp. That should work ok now.

Thank you, it worked.