Licensing issue / complaint

I have to complain about the licensing technique used by Sketchup. I am in IT and I travel a lot. I have different docking stations I use (one) in each office plus wireless and various VPN connections. To generalize, I use a lot of different NICs. After talking with support over the years it was relayed that Sketchup uses the MAC address of the active network adapter. It will continue to use this MAC related license without issue as along as the adapter is enabled and visible to the system.

Here’s the problem: We implemented some time ago security that disables inactive NICs to prevent bridged networks. This means that every time I go from on the network (wired) to wireless I have to remove the license and re-add it back. SAME LICENSE, SAME MACHINE. It gets exponentially worse because I can connect to any one of 6 different docking stations and an additional USB NIC I carry to offices where I don’t have a dock.

This is a licensing method that not only is dated it shows a lack of forethought. If you want to tie a license to the machine why don’t you use the embedded CPUID or the Serial number of the machine. Both are just as easily obtainable. Constantly removing and adding the same license is getting incredibly frustrating.

I understand that I work for a small company and have only 1 license for the product so this will more than likely fall on deaf ears without heavy input from the community so maybe it’s time for me to move on from Sketchup. I don’t want to but I cannot continue to waste 5 - 10 minutes every time I start Sketchup. Do the math using 5 minutes. I have to change the license at least 4 times a week, 20 minutes each week builds up to roughly 16 hours of lost billable time every year. BTW, Multiple licenses on the same machine would be stupid too and logically it probably wouldn’t work.

If you have an active maintenance and support plan, they should be able to generate an activation on the serial number of the disk (@colin might know)
Subscription are easier, though, just login with your email.

What Mike suggests might work. Here’s a little screenshot from the tool we use to create offline licenses.

You can see that it can work from MAC address or disk serial number, and could well solve the problem.

I do wonder about subscriptions though. Those use your email as a sign in, but also add the current machine to your allowed devices. I imagine a similarly problem might come up.

If SketchUp sold single-user network licenses like it did in the early times, it might solve the problem.

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That predates me, but did they not rely on reaching the license server?

Stand alones can still be converted to network license per seat.