License management

How does everyone else feel about the lack of control and access to the license management for network licenses for 2015?

With limited licenses how are other admins controlling access to this??

Hello @etefonori,

This is a valid question. Currently, there is not a way to control access to individual seats of a license, disable the license checkout function, or simplify the add license function. We recognize the need for more admin controls. We appreciate your feedback and hope to integrate more features and functionality to our licensing system in the future.

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I’ve just found out about SU2015 network licensing today.

What a spectacular fail.

  • Key+code in clear text
  • internet must be working and Trimble servers must be working or you can’t even open SU2015, no grace period
  • users can hog a licence invisibly using Check Out
  • if a user forgets to check the licence back in …
  • and if users hot-desk …
  • utter nightmare
  • we have an office of 50 architects with 10 network licences. SU2015 will be completely unusable

And although licences are meant to be perpetual, looks like after your subscription expires you can’t (re-)activate the product, eg if your computer dies. Also seems to be a fairly major issue with even standalone network licence activations being tied to a specific network adapter being active.

Of all my fears for SketchUp when Trimble bought it, such small-minded kitchen-table-software anti-corporate unprofessionalism was not among them.


Licences do not have a runtime limit, the maintenance period does. You can of course activate the license on a second/new system.

Hi, it’s Lisanne on the SketchUp support team.
What do you mean, “after your subscription expires you can’t (re-)activate the product, eg if your computer dies”? Your SketchUp Pro license is perpetual, and you are able to use it from now until eternity, provided that technology doesn’t influence the usability of your license. If by “subscription”, you mean the maintenance & support (please see Upgrade, Maintenance, and Support Program | SketchUp Help), it’s true that needs to be renewed each year. You can still use your license, even if it’s not under maintenance & support. Pro Support isn’t available if you don’t have a maintenance code…but that’s what this Forum is for :wink:
If you need to retrieve your license information should it be lost, please fill out this form: Support - Customer Support Question | SketchUp Help

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There seems to be a very simple solution…
Scrap your “Internet”(network) licensing model at least until you simpletons figure out how to allow admin user controls.
Go back to the license model from Sketchup 2014.
Really should not be that hard.
And for what we are paying now for network licensing of SketchUp this is an egregious mistake.
This licensing model should have never seen the light of day!!
This is the kind of ■■■■ that forces “honest” administrators to look for hacks.
Shame on the SketchUp team!!

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I just posted to another forum thread, asking about this:
SketchUp Cloud-Based Network License Server Console?

That thread was started in November, 2014 (15 months ago).
And this thread dates from January 2015 (13 months ago).

Has there really been no progress from Trimble on this issue at all, in over a year?
We use software from many other companies that have no problem managing network licenses (Autodesk, Adobe, Next Limit, Rhino…).

Same issue as original post. Just found out the hard way today.

Since Sketchup 2014, I no longer have the ability to see who is using Sketchup Pro in our office. :frowning:

The thing with network licenses is… we need to evaluate when we need more licenses or less. The subscription model for SketchUp is not conducive to that. Many software companies, as mentioned in this thread, allow named users for IT Management capabilities or allow a view of who’s using what based on different factors: IP, username, PC name,etc.

Any update on this??

Is there a new thread for the 2016 license model? Or is it the same? I couldn’t find anything in a search.

I forgot I stumbled upon this awhile back. Just checked it out and it’s a nice system!

  • network licences only
  • no information concerning declined license requests
  • no administration